Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Squee and a Groan

First, the squee:

Its my new raiding buddy, the proto- drake whelpling! And before anyone says anything, yes, I really do get excited over minipets. I already have the cobra hatchling and the tickbird. Now I just need the white tickbird and the mount, and I'll never have to buy those eggs again!

Now, the groan:

OS3D. Words simply cannot express my absolute loathing of this fight. That is not to say that I don't want to do the fight- I do, its the last step in our progression, and will put us at the top of the charts on VeCo. But, good God...

I applaud Blizzard. You finally managed to make those jerks who were screaming 'progression is too easy' shut up. Now they're bitching that its too hard.

It would also be nice if more than half of the DPS would kindly stay alive while we killed Shadron. I understand- Twilight Torment sucks. But pop a potion, or a fel cookie, or SOMETHING. And really, dying to Void Zones? Thats the mark of an amateur, especially now that they're bright blue.

Despite all of this, we managed to kill Tenebron, kil shadron, and get Vesperon to 67% before we wiped for the last time. Then, we just did OS2D.

And, what drops? The Pennant Cloak AND the Illustration of the Dragon Soul. Which, of course, I get beat out on. Nevermind that those are 2 of the last pieces I need.


Its so priest night tonight.

Monday, March 2, 2009

My 'not- so- baby' priest...

.... is not such a baby anymore.

She made 44 this weekend. From 38.

Anyone who complains that levelling is hard needs to be smacked around a bit. Because if I can level a clothie 6 levels in 2 days, anyone can.

Sadly, I took a picture but didn't bother to load it anywhere I could access it from work (because I'm a slacker and I blog from work daily) so that will have to wait until tomorrow.

I did do some art of her, though.

Isn't she pretty? Yeah, thats the Shadoweave Robe, if you're wondering. And that rogue? Yeah, he's a super- spy ninja who's real name is being hidden to protect the innocent. And I can't really color, so if you can, and you'd like to, feel free.

By the way, powerlevelling tailoring sucks. I should have known that from trying to do it on my druid, but I guess I'm just a sucker for punishment- she got from 183 to 244 tailoring in about 2 hours (and a lot of gold.) She's making stuff she can't wear now, so I'm pretty sure she's good to go. So, if you didn't know that before, ya do now.

Friday, February 27, 2009

My Toons, Let Me Show You Them!

Ok, so this is the second of the intro posts.

Its picture time! All of the following toons are mine, and most of them are in , one of the guilds tied for second serverwide in progression.

:points to the right: This is my current main toon, Onakoko, the Boomkin of Doom. I don't have her helmet showing right now- I wanted to show off her beautiful face- but there she is in her Tier 7.5 glory!

This is Moraena, my beautiful blonde bombshell shadow Priest. Yep, thats the Dignified Headmaster's Charge and the Tattered Dreadmist Mantle- compliments of Koko's ample supply of Emblems of Valor and Heroism. She's my current project, and will be going Discipline at 70 for healing/ levelling purposes, then holy at 80, to help the guild out when healers can't come on to raid. Being the Guild Master's wife means I have to help out as much as I can.

This is Lostnauriel, my 'other side project who will eventually get levelled.' I say that because i'm waiting for everyone and their mother to delete their Death Knights.

Yes, I made her look like a Drow. And, yes, he name is derived from Tolkein's Sindarin language (it means 'empty fire.') I'm such a geek.

And this is Aurasai, my beautiful Hunter girl. This is the toon that saw the inside of Black Temple and Mount Hyjal and adores her special Illidan tabard. She's not often played anymore, in favor of Koko and her Moonkin Aura, but she's my first love and she'll always hold a special place in my heart.

I don't have any good shots of Mina or Surry... I haven't really touched either of them in months, not since Wrath got released and Nox started getting back into raiding. But I'll slap some pics up when I get up off my lazy butt and take some.

Anyways, back off to work. Love, peace, and all that stuff.

Lookin' at a thing in a blog...

Greetings and bienvenue!

(/cut the Secret Saturday's reference)

I am Pyoska (real names have been edited to protect the not- so- innocent), and I am the owner/ operator/ moderator extraordinaire of this here blog.

Down to business- that being World of Warcraft. This is a blog dedicated to my toon's adventures on The Venture Co. (US RP/PvP) server- Onakoko (AKA Koko, Kokopuffs, DROOOOO), my level 80 Tauren Token Boomkin of Doom; Moraena (AKA Mora), my level 36 and current pet project Blood Elf Shadow Priest, who's going to be holy when she grows up; Kaelamina (AKA Mina, My RP Baby), my baby Forsaken Warlock; Lostnauriel (AKA Nauri, the DeathLily), my level 68 Blood Elf Death Knight (because everyone has one); Aurasai (AKA Aura), my level 80 Blood Elf Hunter; and Surrealist (AKA Surry), my level 70 Troll Rogue turned bank alt who i may decide to level at some point in time, but who knows.

Yeah, I know... that's a lot of toons.

Anywho, what this blog is about is World of Warcraft. It will contain all kinds of things dealing with WoW- from raiding, gear, and specs, to PvP and BGs, to rants and QQs, to news updates and art.

So, sit back, buckle up, and hang on...

Its gonna be a bumpy ride.